P.P.U. MAP Sp. z o.o.

ul.Tworzeń 175

41-308 D±browa Górnicza

tel.(+48 32) 268 59 34, 268 58 85



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MAP Ltd. Co. was established in 1992. The subject of activity of the Company is retail and wholesale of metallurgical products such as: formers, pipes, rails, sheet piles, bars, wire rods, plates, springs, tramway and railway tyres etc. Additionally, we offer grinding wheels and electrical products and we are capable of delivering different type, grade, size, and tonnage of steel construction. Furthermore we are able to provide you with wide dimensions and grade range of forgings and castings.

We meet the expectations of our trade partners. We have excellent knowledge of productive campaigns and trade offers of the biggest steelworks, therefore we are able to accomplish any order for rare grade or of specific requirements materials in relatively short period of time.

Our trade offer products own certificates and reports confirming their highest quality. We may also propose you supply of metallurgical products with following testing and acceptances:

  • Ultrasonic testing and X-ray examination

  • Strength

  • Chemical composition

  • Homogeneity

  • PKP-CARGO, TÜV, DB, PRS, UDT, MK, GL, DNV acceptance

It is obvious that there are many companies offering similar products and services which does not facilitate the selection of relevant supplier, however the headline priorities of our company are honesty and our clients satisfaction. Offering unrealistic deadline for deliveries is unacceptable. Our first-class objective is to establish and maintain long-term cooperation.

We are positive that we do fulfil your expectation. We invite you to cooperate with our company.